Worth a chuckle!

Now what the heck would the 3 have in common? Wil Shipley & iPod – sure, makes sense. But how the heck did Ann Coulter get mixed in?

Well, if you can handle it, and don’t mind if others walking/working/sleeping near by think you have gone bonkers, you are welcome to read the connection at http://wilshipley.com/blog/2007/09/iphone-ipod-contain-or-disengage.html#c1999996922322440399

If you get hurt LYAO or ROTFL, well, just grit your teeth and bear it. You have been warned.


Me: So, do you know Hillary Clinton.

She: Sure, Bill Clinton’s wife

Me: What about Chelsea Clinton.

She: Oh, Bill’s daughter.

Me: So, what about Laura Bush.

She: Sure.  Bill’s sister

Now, wouldn’t that be what-do-I-call-it?

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