I am at present in Brussels. Quite a beautiful city with a good public transport network.

However, the most important thing is – holidays are very serious business here 🙂 In just the last 2 weeks, there were 2 long weekends – one for 4 days and one for 3 days! Just my luck 🙂

My primary gripes – For a City that is head quarters for EU & NATO, there is not that much of a English speaking population 😦 And not much of a choice in food if you are vegetarian. You just have to make do with Club Tomate Mozza & Potatoes or a salad or falafel.


Been travelling over the last week.  Transited through SEA, LAX, NRT, SIN & MAA.

LAX international departure terminal sucks.  Not enough space to handle the crowd, food in the food court is no better than that being served on the airlines. And P/Q is almost infinity (P – price, Q – quality).

Compared to LAX International terminal, SIN is leagues and leagues ahead.  But food is just so so.  Not that great tastewise and burns quite a nice hole in your wallet 😦  But the beauty is you have free internet access and you can carry your hand luggage in a trolley till the gate 🙂  Those alone are worth enough to forgive any other blemish 😀

MAA is improving.  Not the same old MAA anymore I departed from.  Guess two new gates have been added and the international terminal is being renovated to handle the increased traffic.

Oh before I forget to mention.  Those travelling SIA and those that belong to that subset Homo sapiens idli-chutney-sambar-tambrahm, better be prepared for olfactory adventures.  To be frank, the food stinks 😦