Even assuming that all the implied castigations of hindu’s protrayed in the article are true, where are the facts of matter regarding what various Christian missionary groups are doing in the affected area?  Is this called reporting? Somini Sengupta – shame on you!

Hindu Threat to Christians

The title of the article is even more loathsome.  “Hindu Threat”?  Did NY Times have an article titled “Muslim Threat to US” post Sep 11, 2001?  NY Times has gone down a notch in my eyes. 

Does the timing of the ceremony held at Vatican recently to canonize Sister Alphonsa have any relevance with regards to what has been happening in India?  May be to re-invigorate more conversions?

Update: TVR Shenoy on the shenanigans & tension amongst religious groups here in India.


Came across information about Dhanwantri foudation that is trying to create Agraharams.  Now?  Not sure how many takers are there for an agraharam.  My guess, that is a style of life long gone and not even much nostalgia about, to my knowledge.  In fact, “brahmins” were the first to get out of “being brahmins” and move to become clerks and postmasters and judges and what not during the British rule. 

However,  from the linked entry, the last sentence seems to be a leap of unsupported logic.  “the Brahmins”?  All the whole?  I hardly think so.  I am a so called Brahmin and I was not even aware of this Dhanwantri thing until couple of days ago.

IMO, brahmins of today are not real brahmins in the first place.  I mean so called brahmins (by Government of India)  could not be brahmins in the real sense,  as atleast 95% really do not adhere to 6 tasks identified for brahmins – to recite and teach vedas, to perform yajnas for self and for others, and accept alms and to donate – correct me if got it wrong.  I do not count all the sastris/temple priests et al. you find in a good metropolis to be real brahmins.   They are service providers catering to a need of a segment of the society.  Just that and not a iota more.  It was not a profession to be brahmin, it was more a way of life supported by the rest of the society for the overall welfare of the society.  And being brahmin was not simply a birthright, it had to be earned, IIRC.

However, I also have this question for those that are aghast at the idea of a modern day agraharam – would a congregation of christian/buddhist priests (with or without families) sticking together in a community/monastery and preserving their way of life be considered equally unethical/morally wrong by you?  on a secular front, would a congregation of IITians/doctors (general practitioners, surgeons, orthopedics, pediatricians, gynecologists, etc) forming a exclusive residential colony in a nice locale be morally repulsive to you?

Wow, the party with a storied history accepting its defeat and admitting to its mistakes.  Well, this must the first time in Indian history.  Correct me if I am wrong!

Would you elaborate?

There was no clarity in the Congress strategy. See, a strategy need not be transparent, but there should be a hidden strategy. However, till today nobody knows what that hidden strategy was or what it exactly achieved for the Congress.

Full article at  Now, why do I feel this is not going to last long?  How long before some other party loudmouth castigates him for telling the truth as he saw it?

What could BJP have done to carry atleast a simple majority?  Seems like the delay in election took away BJP’s advantage indeed!  If TN hadn’t postponed the hogenekkal project to aid Congress’s electoral prospects in Karnataka, would BJP have carried a simple majority already?

How long before atleast half of JD(S) splits and joins BJP to enjoy power? 

Or,  to the detriment of BJP, how long would it take our erstwhile PM to decide to join BJP or support BJP government to get couple of berths for his wards – Kumaraswamy & Revanna?  What is the odds of such a talk going on right now?  How would it impact BJP’s image?  Hope BJP has learnt its lesson and not go there, but as is well known, politics makes strange bed fellows 😦

Given that Congress hasn’t solved the Cauvery issue even while it has been ruling at centre and in Karnataka many a times, what would BJP do differently to arrive at a lasting solution?

Ahmadinejad @ Columbia (requires free subscription)

Mr. Bush, asked about Columbia’s decision to invite Mr. Ahmadinejad, told Fox News that it was “O.K. with me,” but added that he might not have extended the invitation himself.

“When you really think about it,” Mr. Bush said, “he’s the head of a state sponsor of terror, he’s — and yet an institution in our country gives him a chance to express his point of view, which really speaks to the freedoms of the country. I’m not sure I’d have offered the same invitation.”

“I’m proud of my university today,” said Stina Reksten, a 28-year-old graduate student from Norway. “I don’t want to confuse the very dire human rights situation in Iran with the issue here, which is freedom of speech. This is about academic freedom.”

Enough said.

Will Americans continue bucking the trend of giving in to fear mongers and keep that freedom free indeed or choose safety over freedom?

I was waiting for the bus to come home this evening. Just sat there in a bench near the bus stop. There were about 4 or 5 coffee cups and empty water bottles strewn around. Quite a few cigarette butts as well. And a torn newspaper. Not a typical situation in the area I live at present. This is a green paradise with broad tree line roads. Not much of trash lying around. I have seen worse, but not in this area. People are usually on their best behavior.

The weather was very good with a slight chill in the air. A very good time to stroll around or be just outside. Lots of cars in the roads. Folks going home after a tiring day at work or whatever.

Along came this girl with a drink in her hand. Early teens may be. She also settled down in the bench next to where I was seated. She just pushed an empty paper cup and water bottle down before settling down. Had her head phones and seemed to be she was just enjoying the music.

She finished her drink. The bus has not yet come. Then thankfully instead of just putting her drink cup along with all the rest strewn around she went in search of a trash can.

After some time she came back. She had a plastic bag in her hand, the kind you use at grocery stores to bag the groceries. She started to pick all the empty paper cups and empty water bottles strewn around and put them in the plastic bag and put it in the trash can.

Then she sat down. After a minute or so, she got up, picked up the torn newspaper and scooped up all the cigarette butts with that newspaper and put that in the trash can as well.

Kelsey, here is to you! You did just great!

Sad testimony on our civilized world.

The Hindu reports that UK is considering passing a new law that will require immigrants to be fluent in English. There is no mention of which English though – Kings English (or is it Queens), London, Scots or some other mostly-unrecognizable-to-those-from-out-of-region 🙂 Or God forbid, American 😀 Or Australian 😀

Been never been to UK though. So I do not have a first hand knowledge of how many such dialects are there. May be I should try for an assignment over there in the UK just so to experience UK first hand.

From the news article,

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith told The Sunday Telegraph that the move was intended to encourage greater integration and indicated that the rule was likely to be extended to low-skilled workers as well.

Ha. Why stop there? Let us go all the way and ensure the following.

  • All immigrants henceforth should have the skin the color of natural English people. They should try all the possible ways to do so. Even then they may be rejected. Like Shreya rejected Rajini after he took so much pain to become fair. She had an ulterior motive though. Is there any ulterior motive here? However, there lies an opportunity for an enterprising man/woman to start businesses catering to making-people-of-different-skin-color-to-have-the-natural-English-color
  • All immigrants henceforth should behave as the English(British) would behave. They should take classes if need be. Of course at 200 GBP per hour from the English. Hey there is a good and endless source of revenue.
  • Breed like rabbits just within the boundaries of UK with the original settlers and leave everyone else out. Those currently in the country but not yet integrated, please shut down the airports and ports while going out, please. There is no need for integration. Every new born is already integrated. Rather well.

Now it is your turn. Dare to be creative.

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