Tim Bray’s On-REST

What Does “Hypermedia as the Engine of Application State” Mean, Really? · I’ll be honest: I’m not sure….

Quite an engaging read.  Be cautioned – quite a linkfest.  So don’t blame me if your work gets, er, procrastinated 😉


Pete Lacey has written an entry regarding What is SOA? And the blogosphere has responded as well,  Sam Ruby, Stefan Tilkov, to just mention two.  Here are my 2 cents.

I wonder what is Pete Lacey’s end game here.   NOC, BSA?  Come on, do we need any more TLAs?  And, BSA is a TLA for a bicycle manufacturer in India.  Also a quick search of the internet reveals two more.  Boy Scouts of America, Business Software Alliance.  NOC is already a standard industry term in telecom industry, Network Operations Center.  Someone proposed NCC as well.   Sorry, already taken. National Cadet Corps.  Though in a altogether different context.

Also, IMO, SOA is a good TLA.  Applies to business process architecture where processes are composed of multiple business services. Also applies equally well to IT side where IT services that are the underpinnings of those business processes are composed of multiple IT services themselves.

Pete, please, no more TLAs.  Not a TLA more, not a TLA less.

For those of you new to Pete, I recommend his The S stands for Simple.