Thanks to Arunk, got to know of this out and out hilarious blog, Borowitz Report.

World shocked that Wolfowitz has a girlfriend

All over the world, from Wall Street to Main Street, reactions to the news about Mr. Wolfowitz ranged from “Who would date Wolfowitz?” to “Wolfowitz has a girlfriend? You have got to be shitting me.”

At the World Bank, work ground to a halt as colleagues of the organization’s controversial president staggered about in disbelief, searching for theories to explain such an impenetrable mystery.

McCain puts Straighttalk Express on eBay

Mr. McCain’s denied that the move stemmed from money problems, stressing instead that he had decided to sell the bus so that it would no longer provide fodder for sarcastic headlines such as “Wheels Come Off Straight Talk Express” or “Straight Talk Express: Out of Gas?”

“The Straight Talk Express was giving headline writers too much to work with,” Sen. McCain told reporters. “They won’t be able to do that anymore, now that I’m getting around from town to town on a Segway.”

Pure. Unadulterated. Satire. Just the thing to waste enjoy our time sitting on you-know-what.