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From Newyork Times

One of the remarkable things about the report is the absence of evildoers, even though the cumulative effect of their behavior is now threatening to upend our nation. Early in the broadcast, we hear from Mike Francis, an executive director at the residential mortgage trading desk of Morgan Stanley. “From our standpoint it’s like, there’s a guy out there with a lot of money. We’ve got to find a way to be his sole provider of bonds to fill his appetite. And his appetite’s massive.”

The story then turns to another Mike, Mike Garner, a bartender in Nevada turned mortgage bundler. Mr. Garner said that market appetites for anything that resembled a mortgage pushed loan standards down: “No income, no asset. You don’t have to state anything. Just have a credit score and a pulse.” (Mr. Blumberg pointed out that the pulse thing was optional: 23 dead people in Ohio were also approved.)

When can we expect the next derivative based on the netherworld recovery ratios?

Though there is a big question – who is the “You”?


Via The Big ContrarianThe Hydrogen Hoax

The Queen in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass says that she could believe “six impossible things before breakfast.” Such an attitude is necessary to discuss the hydrogen economy, since no part of it is possible.

Be warned: quite a long article. 

I am searching for something equivalent for the solar energy crowd.   I want pointers for some study that estimates the cost and energy that would have to be expended on creating the solar panels and the effect it will have on global warming, what ills will be wrought by mining for the raw material (sand? anything else?) to make solar panels, the surface area that will be needed to erect the panels and whether we have enough surface area, and all.

10 Greatest Major-Impact Craters

8 Insane Nuclear Explosions

Just a linkfest for today.  Nothing more.  The first picture in the second blog entry is beautiful.

Nothing more to say.

Really don’t know how I ended up in Amruth’a blog.  That goes into my watch list.

Dare Obasanjo’s blog is humming with quite a lot of buzz after a long hiatus.  The redesigned site is pleasing to the eyes.

One thing seems odd – why does clicking on the permalink for an entry does not come up with comments?  One specifically has to click on the comment’s link to get the comments along with Dare’s writeup..

You oughtta love this guy!  He just used the steep hikes in oil prices and its effect on airlines to take a swipe at its competitor.

He not only expects some airlines to disappear, but he believes that the likes of BA, “which is levying surcharges faster than it’s losing bags at Terminal Five”, will end up handing more business to Ryanair.

Wonko the Sane and Gubble-Gubble. A software opportunity? – Go read A Microsoft Marketing Man’s diary.  Humor at its best.

I Drank multiple cups of Feature-rich coffee, a default slice of familiar and powerful toast followed by and optional one on a per-egg basis, and adopted best practices in the bathroom to support daily bowel operations. I seamlessly interacted with the bathroom mirror to transform the valuable face and exceed expectations. I interoperated with the toothbrush.

Microsoft Boy announces his School Homework – Another gem of a parody.

Thanks a lot Phil!

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