Happened to catch yesterday’s interview of Sitaram Yechury in Times Now where the anchor had 10 questions for Sitaram.  Now, I am not going to get into the merits of Nuke deal or any other issues being discussed without let across all media outlets.  The questions were great and the answers were diplomatic at best except for a categorical No for walking out on the the day ( 22nd July 2008 ) Dr MMS’s government is scheduled to face a No Confidence Motion.

To me, the most appalling thing was the way the anchor behaved with Sitaram.  He was rude all the way through and would not even let Sitaram finish his answers.  However Sitaram was aplomb personified.  Kudos to Sitaram.  Hope the Left had handled the Nuke deal similarly 😦

Shouldn’t the host have the manners to let the guest of the show atleast answer the question before agreeing/disagreeing moving to the next question?  Journalism at its worst.