Tim Bray’s On-REST

What Does “Hypermedia as the Engine of Application State” Mean, Really? · I’ll be honest: I’m not sure….

Quite an engaging read.  Be cautioned – quite a linkfest.  So don’t blame me if your work gets, er, procrastinated 😉


From 6th Sense Analytics on why some senior developers are not writing code anymore,

One is the peer code review (link). A peer code review pulls the senior and junior team members together, but on a more infrequent basis.

I think this misstates what a peer review is.  Peers are those that are equal in stature.  So a senior reviewing juniors output certainly does not count as a peer review.  That should be just a normal review.

Read the article.   The Alone Time would sure be good.  Unfortunately, The Zone is quite whimsical.  Doesn’t conform to schedules and timetables and could be elusive to be in precisely between 10 and 12 in the morning and 2 and 4 in the afternoon 😦