I have a Yahoo! id and have used it for the past 9 years atleast, primarily Yahoo! Mail.  I don’t use any other Yahoo services, except for Finance, that too once in a blue moon.  I also have a hotmail id and a gmail id.  But don’t use them much.  I check them,  like,  once in a month or so, just to delete spam 😦

And what will Microsoft do if its bid for Yahoo! is successful?

  • Retain Yahoo! mail as it is (least likely?)
  • Retain Yahoo! mail ids but migrate the platform to Microsoft technologies
  • Migrate Yahoo! mail users to Windows Live Mail (most likely?)

Now I am seriously thinking of making gmail my primary account going forward.  I don’t how many Yahoo! Mail users are currently thinking of moving away from Yahoo! Mail, given that Microsoft has made a hostile unsolicited bid for Yahoo!  And thats the irony.  What use is acquisition of Yahoo! to Microsoft, if many users like me ditch Yahoo! services for good?  Seems like Flickr users are already banding together to start a campain asking Microsoft to keep its dirty hands off.

How do I download the current mail content in my Yahoo Inbox to my local hard drive?  Pointers welcome!

Update: – first comment!


User jordan commenting on Mark Evans blog on Adblock Plus being an evil predator noted that

most online ads burst in on a conversation the user is having with some piece of content, with the obvious goal of distracting him into making a purchase. how would you feel if the same thing happened in the real world? “excuse me sir, i know you’re having a deep and meaningful conversation with your children, but are you interested in buying a new cellphone?” online advertising is the equivalent of panhandling.

I guess there is a perception that advertisements are for pushing people to buy some product or service. But IMO, advertisements are not for pushing people to buy anything. Advertisements (a word built on top of advert) are for turning a person’s attention to a product or service. That is it. They are not a tool to finish a transaction. At best, they can initiate a transaction.

Advertisements in magazines and websites are equivalent to the shout outs in a crowded market that bring your attention to a product or service. If the said person finds the product or service to be of no use, there is no harm in not paying for it.

The issue here is how intrusive can advertising get. And if it gets too intrusive, then people look for ways to get rid of advertisements altogether. So the onus is on the advertisers to try to grab attention without being too intrusive.