The Hindu reports that UK is considering passing a new law that will require immigrants to be fluent in English. There is no mention of which English though – Kings English (or is it Queens), London, Scots or some other mostly-unrecognizable-to-those-from-out-of-region 🙂 Or God forbid, American 😀 Or Australian 😀

Been never been to UK though. So I do not have a first hand knowledge of how many such dialects are there. May be I should try for an assignment over there in the UK just so to experience UK first hand.

From the news article,

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith told The Sunday Telegraph that the move was intended to encourage greater integration and indicated that the rule was likely to be extended to low-skilled workers as well.

Ha. Why stop there? Let us go all the way and ensure the following.

  • All immigrants henceforth should have the skin the color of natural English people. They should try all the possible ways to do so. Even then they may be rejected. Like Shreya rejected Rajini after he took so much pain to become fair. She had an ulterior motive though. Is there any ulterior motive here? However, there lies an opportunity for an enterprising man/woman to start businesses catering to making-people-of-different-skin-color-to-have-the-natural-English-color
  • All immigrants henceforth should behave as the English(British) would behave. They should take classes if need be. Of course at 200 GBP per hour from the English. Hey there is a good and endless source of revenue.
  • Breed like rabbits just within the boundaries of UK with the original settlers and leave everyone else out. Those currently in the country but not yet integrated, please shut down the airports and ports while going out, please. There is no need for integration. Every new born is already integrated. Rather well.

Now it is your turn. Dare to be creative.