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Those of you whiling away at your keyboards, here is a something fun to while away with.  The Wonderful Wankometer

And the wankoscores of some IT service providers as of now.

Cognizant 1.67/considerable
TCS 3.26/considerable
Satyam 3.47/considerable
Thoughtworks 3.52/considerable
Mindtree 4.72/significant wank
Accenture 4.78/significant wank
Infosys 6.23/high wankyness
Wipro 7.23/utter wank

Any takers for a wankoscore trend tracker?


Nothing more to say.

Really don’t know how I ended up in Amruth’a blog.  That goes into my watch list.

Caught this in The Economist.  I have observed that Economist is happy to produce pretty looking graphs for most of the articles.  Would The Economist be willing to put up numbers for what percentage of total shares are held by the top 1% and the rest?

He thinks South Korea is more productive than America, and that “most” investors are among the wealthiest 1% of Americans. (In fact, about half of Americans own shares.)


I am at present in Brussels. Quite a beautiful city with a good public transport network.

However, the most important thing is – holidays are very serious business here 🙂 In just the last 2 weeks, there were 2 long weekends – one for 4 days and one for 3 days! Just my luck 🙂

My primary gripes – For a City that is head quarters for EU & NATO, there is not that much of a English speaking population 😦 And not much of a choice in food if you are vegetarian. You just have to make do with Club Tomate Mozza & Potatoes or a salad or falafel.

Was that really a conspiracy or was it a perfect example of The Black Swan?  Is it time for communication service providers to plan for that once in a lifetime disruption to their services that results in  loss of productivity and associated cascade of events due to uber-connectedness? 

It would be interesting to study the communication service provider’s plans where they assumed the probabilities of such occurrences and their reasoning behind the same!

Though I am not that much of a coffee addict and can go without coffee for days at a time, me thinks Arunk is spot on! Discussed umpteen number of times with colleagues and I always come back to the same old point.

The age old tumbler-dabara coffee I used to have and still have at home is miles and miles ahead of anything served in those classy coffee joints, which may sometimes sell plain coffee.  But pumpkin loaf in Starbucks and coffee cake in Seattle’s Best are yummy 🙂

Ofcourse, I am writing this right after a tumbler-dabara coffee, courtesy my mom-in-law 🙂 Mmmmmmm..

Been travelling over the last week.  Transited through SEA, LAX, NRT, SIN & MAA.

LAX international departure terminal sucks.  Not enough space to handle the crowd, food in the food court is no better than that being served on the airlines. And P/Q is almost infinity (P – price, Q – quality).

Compared to LAX International terminal, SIN is leagues and leagues ahead.  But food is just so so.  Not that great tastewise and burns quite a nice hole in your wallet 😦  But the beauty is you have free internet access and you can carry your hand luggage in a trolley till the gate 🙂  Those alone are worth enough to forgive any other blemish 😀

MAA is improving.  Not the same old MAA anymore I departed from.  Guess two new gates have been added and the international terminal is being renovated to handle the increased traffic.

Oh before I forget to mention.  Those travelling SIA and those that belong to that subset Homo sapiens idli-chutney-sambar-tambrahm, better be prepared for olfactory adventures.  To be frank, the food stinks 😦

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