After a long stint abroad, I have spent the last month or so surfing Tamil television channels.  Most of the Tamil channels offer the same fare with slight modifications here and there.   Cinema or cinema based programs and mega serials with heavily made up women and artificial glycerine induced tears or scheming vixens rule the roost without exception.   I guess one of the serial (Kolangal) has been going on for the past 4 years atleast.  Hope the director has not decided to continue till all the actors themselves kick the bucket 🙂  The story line (Alangolankal) has nothing to do with the title.   And irritatingly, we get to hear Tanglish as a language.  Dunno if those comperes/VJs/folks know neither Tamil nor English properly or is it a fad.  I also got to watch He-Man and the Masters of the Universe dubbed into Tamil.  That was fun 🙂

Sometimes though you get to watch some exceptionally good programs.    And rarely, you get to watch good programs with no Tanglish.   One exception with almost nil Tanglish is Makkal Tholaikkatchi.  The comperes speak good Tamil!  It was so good to hear someone speak Tamil and not Tanglish.   Hope the channel will continue to buck the Tanglish trend, survive and get good TRP ratings to last long.

They also have this interesting program Sandhai (Market) where viewers can advertise information on things they have to sell.  Its free for the sellers as well 🙂  And the comperes ask the callers to talk in Tamil as well, as much as possible!  Seems like viewers like the program.  In the half an hour or so that I watched the program, calls kept pouring in and the compere did a great job running the show. 

As to education – what is happening in TN?  My nephew came home for holidays and he was given homework to finish in those 10 days.  He is barely 5 now.  Quo vadis?