Been a customer of this bank for quite some time.  I use its online presence and ATM network to the maximum extent possible and try to avoid any in branch interaction, you know like, plague.  Every time I had to interact with people in their branches, I couldn’t get any results.   They have mastered the art of losing requests, missing customer provided documentation, could not follow up on requests and close them, and for a bank with online presence, their email handling could be almost non-existent. They proved that they just can not give a better in branch experience, once more, yesterday.  And poor me, I had no other option but to suffer through it yesterday.  To their credit, I would rate their online banking as one of the best I have had.

Can’t the current largest private sector bank in India (as of today) do better to improve its customer experience in the branches?  And isn’t that quite a list of controversies?  Is it time we start moving away to find better alternatives, like the one with the biggest number of branches and employees (as of today) that has undergone a massive transformation into Pure Banking?