Rough Type is one of the blogs that I frequent. I lean towards Nick’s skepticism and disbelief at hyperbole and I like his style of writing. However for each Rough Type, there are innumerable blogs that are really rough but not of the same type.

Did wordpress & blogspot really lead to a utopia of zillions of meaningful blogs? No, and I can bet all your farms on that. Take this blog for example. Is it all that great? No, and I bet all your farms again on that 😉

WordPress & blogspot and all other blogging platforms are just tools. Nothing more, nothing less. As is Eclipse IDE, Visual Studio, as is the pencil. It is the human mind that has to create all the content. A tool does not create content all by itself.

Also, I am still not able to comprehend that in the not-so-distant-but-not-so-near-either-future there will be systems created by us humans that will rival us in the creativity department. I may be proven dead wrong. But then, I ain’t claiming to be infallible.