October 2008

Even assuming that all the implied castigations of hindu’s protrayed in the article are true, where are the facts of matter regarding what various Christian missionary groups are doing in the affected area?  Is this called reporting? Somini Sengupta – shame on you!

Hindu Threat to Christians

The title of the article is even more loathsome.  “Hindu Threat”?  Did NY Times have an article titled “Muslim Threat to US” post Sep 11, 2001?  NY Times has gone down a notch in my eyes. 

Does the timing of the ceremony held at Vatican recently to canonize Sister Alphonsa have any relevance with regards to what has been happening in India?  May be to re-invigorate more conversions?

Update: TVR Shenoy on the shenanigans & tension amongst religious groups here in India.


1962 should have been a damn great year.  I guess.  I was not born that year. So that couldn’t be it.  The year I was born should go down in the annals of history as “The Year”.  I am modest and will accept that and just move on.

It is about this half an hour of that year that prompts me to declare that 1962 should have been a damn great year.  The half an hour that would have given goose pimples to everybody who witnessed the event.  It has been captured for posterity so everyone can get goose pimples once, again and all over again.

It all though started way back in the 1800’s.  With the bard of Thiruvaiyaru who went on to discover the 22nd scale in the sampoorna mela pathadhi.  And then immortalized that scale with such grand compositions.  Delectables that entrance and enhance us. 

MMI’s grand Chakkani or SSI’s Rama nee samanamevaru or Pakkala nilapadi are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Me thinks Karaharapriya is like a oil well that will never run dry. Even so, this half an hour would eclipse all that and come out as half-an-hour-non-pareil. None other than the inimitable CVB @ Poomulli Navaratri Series in 1962.  This makes 1962 a damn great year.  The interaction between CVB & the violinist(LGJ?  MSG? TNK? Chowdiah?) and all together makes this a half-an-hour-worth-listening-to-no-interruptions-please.

Guess CVB would have been past 50 that year.  One can only wonder what he would have been in his youth and what and how many such enthralling moments he would have produced!  Sigh!

If you find a link for this in Sangeethapriya or somewhere else, please do mention in the comments.  I am having issues in accessing esnips URL that I got courtesy Yahoo! search.  I downloaded the recording long back and not able to recollect the source now.

From Newyork Times

One of the remarkable things about the report is the absence of evildoers, even though the cumulative effect of their behavior is now threatening to upend our nation. Early in the broadcast, we hear from Mike Francis, an executive director at the residential mortgage trading desk of Morgan Stanley. “From our standpoint it’s like, there’s a guy out there with a lot of money. We’ve got to find a way to be his sole provider of bonds to fill his appetite. And his appetite’s massive.”

The story then turns to another Mike, Mike Garner, a bartender in Nevada turned mortgage bundler. Mr. Garner said that market appetites for anything that resembled a mortgage pushed loan standards down: “No income, no asset. You don’t have to state anything. Just have a credit score and a pulse.” (Mr. Blumberg pointed out that the pulse thing was optional: 23 dead people in Ohio were also approved.)

When can we expect the next derivative based on the netherworld recovery ratios?

Though there is a big question – who is the “You”?