July 2008

Via The Big ContrarianThe Hydrogen Hoax

The Queen in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass says that she could believe “six impossible things before breakfast.” Such an attitude is necessary to discuss the hydrogen economy, since no part of it is possible.

Be warned: quite a long article. 

I am searching for something equivalent for the solar energy crowd.   I want pointers for some study that estimates the cost and energy that would have to be expended on creating the solar panels and the effect it will have on global warming, what ills will be wrought by mining for the raw material (sand? anything else?) to make solar panels, the surface area that will be needed to erect the panels and whether we have enough surface area, and all.


Those of you whiling away at your keyboards, here is a something fun to while away with.  The Wonderful Wankometer

And the wankoscores of some IT service providers as of now.

Cognizant 1.67/considerable
TCS 3.26/considerable
Satyam 3.47/considerable
Thoughtworks 3.52/considerable
Mindtree 4.72/significant wank
Accenture 4.78/significant wank
Infosys 6.23/high wankyness
Wipro 7.23/utter wank

Any takers for a wankoscore trend tracker?

10 Greatest Major-Impact Craters

8 Insane Nuclear Explosions

Just a linkfest for today.  Nothing more.  The first picture in the second blog entry is beautiful.

Came across information about Dhanwantri foudation that is trying to create Agraharams.  Now?  Not sure how many takers are there for an agraharam.  My guess, that is a style of life long gone and not even much nostalgia about, to my knowledge.  In fact, “brahmins” were the first to get out of “being brahmins” and move to become clerks and postmasters and judges and what not during the British rule. 

However,  from the linked entry, the last sentence seems to be a leap of unsupported logic.  “the Brahmins”?  All the whole?  I hardly think so.  I am a so called Brahmin and I was not even aware of this Dhanwantri thing until couple of days ago.

IMO, brahmins of today are not real brahmins in the first place.  I mean so called brahmins (by Government of India)  could not be brahmins in the real sense,  as atleast 95% really do not adhere to 6 tasks identified for brahmins – to recite and teach vedas, to perform yajnas for self and for others, and accept alms and to donate – correct me if got it wrong.  I do not count all the sastris/temple priests et al. you find in a good metropolis to be real brahmins.   They are service providers catering to a need of a segment of the society.  Just that and not a iota more.  It was not a profession to be brahmin, it was more a way of life supported by the rest of the society for the overall welfare of the society.  And being brahmin was not simply a birthright, it had to be earned, IIRC.

However, I also have this question for those that are aghast at the idea of a modern day agraharam – would a congregation of christian/buddhist priests (with or without families) sticking together in a community/monastery and preserving their way of life be considered equally unethical/morally wrong by you?  on a secular front, would a congregation of IITians/doctors (general practitioners, surgeons, orthopedics, pediatricians, gynecologists, etc) forming a exclusive residential colony in a nice locale be morally repulsive to you?

Nothing more to say.

Really don’t know how I ended up in Amruth’a blog.  That goes into my watch list.

Happened to catch yesterday’s interview of Sitaram Yechury in Times Now where the anchor had 10 questions for Sitaram.  Now, I am not going to get into the merits of Nuke deal or any other issues being discussed without let across all media outlets.  The questions were great and the answers were diplomatic at best except for a categorical No for walking out on the the day ( 22nd July 2008 ) Dr MMS’s government is scheduled to face a No Confidence Motion.

To me, the most appalling thing was the way the anchor behaved with Sitaram.  He was rude all the way through and would not even let Sitaram finish his answers.  However Sitaram was aplomb personified.  Kudos to Sitaram.  Hope the Left had handled the Nuke deal similarly 😦

Shouldn’t the host have the manners to let the guest of the show atleast answer the question before agreeing/disagreeing moving to the next question?  Journalism at its worst.

Dare Obasanjo’s blog is humming with quite a lot of buzz after a long hiatus.  The redesigned site is pleasing to the eyes.

One thing seems odd – why does clicking on the permalink for an entry does not come up with comments?  One specifically has to click on the comment’s link to get the comments along with Dare’s writeup..

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