April 2008

Was that really a conspiracy or was it a perfect example of The Black Swan?  Is it time for communication service providers to plan for that once in a lifetime disruption to their services that results in  loss of productivity and associated cascade of events due to uber-connectedness? 

It would be interesting to study the communication service provider’s plans where they assumed the probabilities of such occurrences and their reasoning behind the same!


Quite a fluent talk, and mostly in chaste Tamil. That was quite welcome after a lot of Tanglish stuff.

Kumudam Alapanai – Rajkumar Bharathy – registration required.

I did not know about Kumudam’s Alapanai section and it was my wife that discovered it. And the thing is, she doesn’t care much about carnatic music inspite of being from a family with some notable carnatic musicians.  She absolutely can’t stand alapanais. “Enna vendirukku, thadarinannannuttu..” 🙂

From Vijay Siva – what loss is not knowing raga, laya & sahitya (lyrics) of a song. As long as you are able to enjoy! Ofcourse, the message is in Tamil, rather Tanglish.

Follow the rest of the clippings from the same programme to get a measure of his simple yet wholesome fare.

P.S. what is the equivalent word for anubhavam?