Vijay Siva, Charumathi Raghuram (Violin) & Mannargudi Eswaran (Mridangam) team gave a fare yesterday that is akin to vatha kuzhambu & sutta appalam after an overdose of vadai payasam pachadi virundhu.

MMG – Sri Nathadi – Adi – MD (S) – My god, what a long song it is.
Saranga – Neevada negana – M Jhampa – T (RS)
Anandabhairavi – Marivere – M Chapu – SS (S)
Kamas – Sitapate Na Manasuna – Adi – T (RN) – alapanai in mel sthayi & nereval at prema juchi napai – grand.  I felt that swaras after the nereval would mar the nereval and guess he understood my wishes and there were no swaras 🙂
Vasanta – Ma dayai nidhi ennum – Adi – PS – beautiful song.  The one I heard before is by MS in a cassette.  While I could not discern all the words correctly in that, I understood each and every word of Vijay Siva’s.
Bhairavi – Raksha Bettare – Adi – T (RNST) – nereval at sangeetha priya thyagaraja.  He pulled off the nereval brilliantly at that phrase.  Though he sang it as sangeethApriya instead of sangeethapriya.  Was T’s wife’s name Sangeetha wink  The way Mannargudi played for this song was grand.  Tani was short and sweet.  I am not knowledgable on nadais and all, so no more on that.  There was no mass exodus either.  Just 5 or so out of 120+ crowd walked out.
Bowli?/Punnagavarali/Kuntalavarali – Slokam followed by Male Manivanna – Thiruppavai – Andal (Brief sketches of the ragas on violin)

I had to leave then as it was gettng quite late.

Charumathi did great except for certain instances where I could hear tiny screeches/shrieks.

So while TMK wrote about underrepresentation of the fairer sex but did not use them (did he?  seems like he did.  akkarai subbulakshmi & amrita murali.  so he walks the talk as well 🙂 ), VS is doing something there.