Om Malik of, a blog that I follow regularly,  has suffered a heart attack.  Hope he recovers soon and continues blogging as before.   And through Newyork Times,  I come to know that, his heart attack might have been because of blogging stress

Despite joining the exhortations that “we need you,” Mr. Kedrosky also warned, “If you come back to blogging before I give you permission, I’ll be at your door to take away your MacBook.”

I second Paul Kedrosky.  Yep, we need him.  He is a guy that takes a second to pause and question some of the Telco, Web 2.0 & tech enthusiast bull. 

I think Newyork Times is just creating news where none exists.  Come on guys, give him a break.  Yes, stress might be a reason.  Not only for bloggers though.  Isn’t there umpteen number of other reasons as well a guy could have a heart attack?  Like genetics, race, his constitution, eating and exercising habits, et al?  Or any combination thereof?  And most probably we will never know.  That is between him and his physicians.

Maybe, just a maybe, he likes blogging and networking so much, it could be his therapy and speed up his recovery.

Om, wish you a speedy recovery.  Come back, soon!