Another gem from Master BMK. This time in Brahma Gana Sabha @ Sivagami Pethachi Auditorium. Accompanied by Nalina Mohan (Violin) & Trissur Narendran (Mridangam) & a young lad on Kanjira (name??)

I intentionally chose to attend Master this time and he did not disappoint. Sanjay was in the audience for about an hour of the concert. First ever time I saw a contemporary artist attending a junior’s concert.

While it was a grand RTP in Kambhoji at MA, this time he started with Kambhoji Varnam in Ata Tala. The main was Keervani. Asaveri, Kannada & Vasantha Bhairavi were the other highlights.

Kamboji Varnam – Sarasijanabha – Ata Tala
Nattai – Mahaganapatim – (brief sketch, S)
Asaveri – Lekana – Adi – T
Ramapriya – Korinavaramu – Rupakam – PSI (RNS) – Sounded like Pantuvarali to me. First ever time I hear Ramapriya though.
Manirangu/Pusphalathika? – Paradevate Un Padham Nambinen – (brief sketch, S)
Kannada – Shri Mathrubootham – Misra Chapu – MD (swaras at the madhyama kalam passage)
vasantha bhairavi – nee dayarada – Adi – T (haunting and beautiful. the one I use as yardstick is the one by NCV).
Keervani – Kaligiyunte – Adi – T (RNST)