January 2008

From 6th Sense Analytics on why some senior developers are not writing code anymore,

One is the peer code review (link). A peer code review pulls the senior and junior team members together, but on a more infrequent basis.

I think this misstates what a peer review is.  Peers are those that are equal in stature.  So a senior reviewing juniors output certainly does not count as a peer review.  That should be just a normal review.

Read the article.   The Alone Time would sure be good.  Unfortunately, The Zone is quite whimsical.  Doesn’t conform to schedules and timetables and could be elusive to be in precisely between 10 and 12 in the morning and 2 and 4 in the afternoon 😦 


Landed at The Big Picture via Paul Krugman’s blog.  Here is a list of investment principles, regardless of market conditions.  Please spread the word. 

A word of caution though.  This is only applicable to those that have something to invest with. 

Rest, please be assured that someone will soon come up with a list of accruing principles, regardless of whatever conditions.  Once I come across the same, I will dutifully report it here 🙂

Been a customer of this bank for quite some time.  I use its online presence and ATM network to the maximum extent possible and try to avoid any in branch interaction, you know like, plague.  Every time I had to interact with people in their branches, I couldn’t get any results.   They have mastered the art of losing requests, missing customer provided documentation, could not follow up on requests and close them, and for a bank with online presence, their email handling could be almost non-existent. They proved that they just can not give a better in branch experience, once more, yesterday.  And poor me, I had no other option but to suffer through it yesterday.  To their credit, I would rate their online banking as one of the best I have had.

Can’t the current largest private sector bank in India (as of today) do better to improve its customer experience in the branches?  And isn’t that quite a list of controversies?  Is it time we start moving away to find better alternatives, like the one with the biggest number of branches and employees (as of today) that has undergone a massive transformation into Pure Banking?

Om Malik of gigaom.com, a blog that I follow regularly,  has suffered a heart attack.  Hope he recovers soon and continues blogging as before.   And through Newyork Times,  I come to know that, his heart attack might have been because of blogging stress

Despite joining the exhortations that “we need you,” Mr. Kedrosky also warned, “If you come back to blogging before I give you permission, I’ll be at your door to take away your MacBook.”

I second Paul Kedrosky.  Yep, we need him.  He is a guy that takes a second to pause and question some of the Telco, Web 2.0 & tech enthusiast bull. 

I think Newyork Times is just creating news where none exists.  Come on guys, give him a break.  Yes, stress might be a reason.  Not only for bloggers though.  Isn’t there umpteen number of other reasons as well a guy could have a heart attack?  Like genetics, race, his constitution, eating and exercising habits, et al?  Or any combination thereof?  And most probably we will never know.  That is between him and his physicians.

Maybe, just a maybe, he likes blogging and networking so much, it could be his therapy and speed up his recovery.

Om, wish you a speedy recovery.  Come back, soon!

Vijay Siva, Charumathi Raghuram (Violin) & Mannargudi Eswaran (Mridangam) team gave a fare yesterday that is akin to vatha kuzhambu & sutta appalam after an overdose of vadai payasam pachadi virundhu.

MMG – Sri Nathadi – Adi – MD (S) – My god, what a long song it is.
Saranga – Neevada negana – M Jhampa – T (RS)
Anandabhairavi – Marivere – M Chapu – SS (S)
Kamas – Sitapate Na Manasuna – Adi – T (RN) – alapanai in mel sthayi & nereval at prema juchi napai – grand.  I felt that swaras after the nereval would mar the nereval and guess he understood my wishes and there were no swaras 🙂
Vasanta – Ma dayai nidhi ennum – Adi – PS – beautiful song.  The one I heard before is by MS in a cassette.  While I could not discern all the words correctly in that, I understood each and every word of Vijay Siva’s.
Bhairavi – Raksha Bettare – Adi – T (RNST) – nereval at sangeetha priya thyagaraja.  He pulled off the nereval brilliantly at that phrase.  Though he sang it as sangeethApriya instead of sangeethapriya.  Was T’s wife’s name Sangeetha wink  The way Mannargudi played for this song was grand.  Tani was short and sweet.  I am not knowledgable on nadais and all, so no more on that.  There was no mass exodus either.  Just 5 or so out of 120+ crowd walked out.
Bowli?/Punnagavarali/Kuntalavarali – Slokam followed by Male Manivanna – Thiruppavai – Andal (Brief sketches of the ragas on violin)

I had to leave then as it was gettng quite late.

Charumathi did great except for certain instances where I could hear tiny screeches/shrieks.

So while TMK wrote about underrepresentation of the fairer sex but did not use them (did he?  seems like he did.  akkarai subbulakshmi & amrita murali.  so he walks the talk as well 🙂 ), VS is doing something there.


Another gem from Master BMK. This time in Brahma Gana Sabha @ Sivagami Pethachi Auditorium. Accompanied by Nalina Mohan (Violin) & Trissur Narendran (Mridangam) & a young lad on Kanjira (name??)

I intentionally chose to attend Master this time and he did not disappoint. Sanjay was in the audience for about an hour of the concert. First ever time I saw a contemporary artist attending a junior’s concert.

While it was a grand RTP in Kambhoji at MA, this time he started with Kambhoji Varnam in Ata Tala. The main was Keervani. Asaveri, Kannada & Vasantha Bhairavi were the other highlights.

Kamboji Varnam – Sarasijanabha – Ata Tala
Nattai – Mahaganapatim – (brief sketch, S)
Asaveri – Lekana – Adi – T
Ramapriya – Korinavaramu – Rupakam – PSI (RNS) – Sounded like Pantuvarali to me. First ever time I hear Ramapriya though.
Manirangu/Pusphalathika? – Paradevate Un Padham Nambinen – (brief sketch, S)
Kannada – Shri Mathrubootham – Misra Chapu – MD (swaras at the madhyama kalam passage)
vasantha bhairavi – nee dayarada – Adi – T (haunting and beautiful. the one I use as yardstick is the one by NCV).
Keervani – Kaligiyunte – Adi – T (RNST)


Malladi Brothers, V Sanjeev, K V Prasad & Kanjira (Artiste?)

They sang to a packed hall.

Nattai – Jaya Jaya Swamin – Adi – Narayana Theerthar? (S)
sarasangi – Neekela dayaradhu – Adi – Ramaswamy Sivan/Maha Vaidyanatha Sivan (S). The raga was announced.
Begada – Gatti ganu nanu – Rupakam – T (S)
Vagadeeswari – Paramatmudu – Adi – T (RS at hari hara)
varali – Mamava Meenakshi – Misra Chapu – D
Brindavana Saranga – Kamalapta kula – Adi – T (S at kamalapta kula)
Kambodhi – Ma Janaki – Adi – T (RNS T?)

I had to leave as they started nereval at Ma Janaki courtesy my long trek back home 😦

The brothers have such powerful voice. The vagadeeswari alapana was a tad long and it jarred on my ears. Mebbe because of its vivadiness. However, the kambodhi essay was pure bliss in three octaves. The brother (shorter one) shone in the higher octaves with his long held karvais. Sanjeev’s vinyasa of Kambhoji was perfect as well.

I haven’t heard any of these songs except for Paramtmudu (TKR) & Ma Janaki (MMI) in recordings.

Overall I am very satisfied that I chose to attend them yesterday.