Here is a partial song list from the concert

Varnam – Sri – Adi – Karur Devudu Iyer?
Ananda Natana – Kedaram – Misra Chapu – MD (S)
Manasaramadhiyanai Sivan Maganai – Saramadhi – Adi – Thanjavur Sankara Iyer
Ninne nera nammi – Pantuvarali – Rupakam – T (RNS)
An item that started emaku evaru manaku samana – no idea what raga it was devagandhari – Adi – T
Palimsu Kamakshi – Madyamavathi – Misra Chapu – SS (RNST)
Okapari Judaga – Kalavati – Adi – T

Started Sankarabaranam Kambodhi (note to self: listen more) alapanai and I had to leave, courtesy Rain God 😦  Guess I missed all the abhangs and other thukkadas and playing to the gallery too, courtesy Rain God 🙂

#3 – I am not sure what is great about TS compositions.  It sounded lame to me.
#4 – that was a racy neraval & the audience just lapped it up.  The alapanai sounded quite Purvikalyanish to in the intial stages.
#5 – awesome.  The nereval and swarams at slow pace were extremely pleasant.

Not exactly a crowded concert.  But then that may be due to the incessant rains yesterday.  There were heavy bouts of rain during the 1 hour 45 mins I was there and it added an element of natural rhythm now and then.