I missed the first 20 mins of the concert and reached the venue just as the violinist was concluding his Saranga vinyasa

Emi tova – Saranga – Adi – T (RS)
Brovavamma – Manji – Misra Chapu –  SS
Thiruvadi Saranam – Kambhoji – Adi – GKB (RNS)
Chintaye Mahalinga – Paras – Adi – MD
RTP (Paramananda Natabhairaveesa Jagadheesa) – Natabhairavi – Adi?? – Swaras in Natabhairavi, Anandabhairavi & Bhairavi & Tani
Matadabaradeno – Khamas – Misrachapu – Naraharidasa
Muddugare – Kurinji – Adi – Annamacharya
Thannaiyarindhu Inbamura Vennilave – ??

I find the nasal twang of his voice quite appealing 🙂  IMO, Vijay’s sojourn in the upper reaches of Kambhoji was very good.  However I found the song not carrying much of a punch.  Guess I am spoilt with Musiri’s neraval and was measuring Vijay’s up against that.  His diction was just great.  I could understand the madhyamakala passage of Chintaye Mahalinga without any additional effort on my part.

For more info http://rasikas.org/viewtopic.php?id=4326

Overall, I would rate this **** out of *****.

PS:  I could not enjoy the other fun part as the concert was not a crowd puller and so the people part was not fulfilled 😦