Via Rams Abode, Season Imsai.

  • A mami in the row before mine was sleeping soundly. Her snores became so loud during the concert that her neighbors decided to pat her to wake her up. Upon waking up, the mami promptly put her hand inside her “jolna pai”, brought out a pair of binoculars, pointed them towards the stage and exclaimed:“Oh! Krishna-vaa. Besh. Besh”
  • A member of my family told me that she wants me to take her to The Music Academy this time at least on one of the days while the season is on, that too at 1:00PM . I was too happy to oblige and then I heard the next sentence: “I heard that the food they serve in the canteen is out of the world”

Hope to attend atleast a couple of concerts this season, atleast not to miss all the fun 🙂