December 2007

Those of you that did not attend the concert yesterday, please feel free to rue the day of your misfortune.   Master BMK was just grand.

Bhairavi – Viriboni – Ata Tala Varnam (brief sketch of raga, 2 speeds) – Pachimiriyam Adiyappaya
Mayamalavagowlai – Deva Deva – Roopakam (NS at jatarupa) – Swati Tirunal
Vagadeeswari – Paramatmudu – Adi – Thyagaraja
Simmendramadhyamam – Ninne nammitinayya (R, NS at pannagendra sayana) – M Chapu – Mysore Vasudevachar
Yadhukulakambhoji – Yarendru ragavanai (Brief raga sketch, moving nonetheless) – Adi – Arunachala Kavirayar
Dhenuka – Theliyaleru – desadi – Thyagaraja
Karaharapriya – Chakkani – Adi (elaborate R, S at kantiki, no neraval though) – Thyagaraja

Had to leave as he started swarams at kantiki.

TK Murthy proved his worth at Chakkani.  The sound of his mridangam itself is quite different from other mridangams.  It really is a mrudu angam.  The way he played for each and every sangathi was simply superb and embellished the song.  Think the tani would have been quite enjoyable as well.

Usha Rajagoplan on violin did a fantastic job on Simmendra madhyamam & Karaharapriya.  There was no dull moment in the concert in that 2 hours I was there. 

TK Murthy had one of his sishyas also assist him on mridangam.   Kanjira – I could not get the young lad’s name even from the organizers 😦


From Rambodoc’s Weekly Humerus,

What is the real reason that we can’t have the Ten Commandments in a Courthouse? You cannot post “Thou Shalt Not Steal,” “Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery” and “Thou Shall Not Lie” in a building full of lawyers, judges and politicians. It creates a hostile work environment! (Author Unknown)

Better have quite some time free before following that link.  Blame me not if you end up spending most of the day there 🙂

Over the last 2 days I was lucky to listen to 3 good concerts.  Thanks be to TM Krishna @KGS (Dhanyasi/Meenalochana, Chatur Raga Pallavi in Sankarabaranam, Thodi, Kalyani, Darbar), Sanjay Subrahmanyan @KGS(Manirangu/Jaya jaya padmanabha & an out of the world Mayamalavagowlai/Merusamana) and OS Thiyagarajan @ Sri Ram Samaj (Atana/Narada gana lola, Mohanam/Evarura Ninnuvina) for memorable moments.   The last really surprises me.  I am not that much of a Mohanam fan and tune out usually.  However OST’s alapana was amazing.  An absolute cascade of brighas!

The tani’s of TM Krishna & Sanjay’s concerts were superb as well!

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Here is a partial song list from the concert

Varnam – Sri – Adi – Karur Devudu Iyer?
Ananda Natana – Kedaram – Misra Chapu – MD (S)
Manasaramadhiyanai Sivan Maganai – Saramadhi – Adi – Thanjavur Sankara Iyer
Ninne nera nammi – Pantuvarali – Rupakam – T (RNS)
An item that started emaku evaru manaku samana – no idea what raga it was devagandhari – Adi – T
Palimsu Kamakshi – Madyamavathi – Misra Chapu – SS (RNST)
Okapari Judaga – Kalavati – Adi – T

Started Sankarabaranam Kambodhi (note to self: listen more) alapanai and I had to leave, courtesy Rain God 😦  Guess I missed all the abhangs and other thukkadas and playing to the gallery too, courtesy Rain God 🙂

#3 – I am not sure what is great about TS compositions.  It sounded lame to me.
#4 – that was a racy neraval & the audience just lapped it up.  The alapanai sounded quite Purvikalyanish to in the intial stages.
#5 – awesome.  The nereval and swarams at slow pace were extremely pleasant.

Not exactly a crowded concert.  But then that may be due to the incessant rains yesterday.  There were heavy bouts of rain during the 1 hour 45 mins I was there and it added an element of natural rhythm now and then.

I missed the first 20 mins of the concert and reached the venue just as the violinist was concluding his Saranga vinyasa

Emi tova – Saranga – Adi – T (RS)
Brovavamma – Manji – Misra Chapu –  SS
Thiruvadi Saranam – Kambhoji – Adi – GKB (RNS)
Chintaye Mahalinga – Paras – Adi – MD
RTP (Paramananda Natabhairaveesa Jagadheesa) – Natabhairavi – Adi?? – Swaras in Natabhairavi, Anandabhairavi & Bhairavi & Tani
Matadabaradeno – Khamas – Misrachapu – Naraharidasa
Muddugare – Kurinji – Adi – Annamacharya
Thannaiyarindhu Inbamura Vennilave – ??

I find the nasal twang of his voice quite appealing 🙂  IMO, Vijay’s sojourn in the upper reaches of Kambhoji was very good.  However I found the song not carrying much of a punch.  Guess I am spoilt with Musiri’s neraval and was measuring Vijay’s up against that.  His diction was just great.  I could understand the madhyamakala passage of Chintaye Mahalinga without any additional effort on my part.

For more info

Overall, I would rate this **** out of *****.

PS:  I could not enjoy the other fun part as the concert was not a crowd puller and so the people part was not fulfilled 😦

Via Rams Abode, Season Imsai.

  • A mami in the row before mine was sleeping soundly. Her snores became so loud during the concert that her neighbors decided to pat her to wake her up. Upon waking up, the mami promptly put her hand inside her “jolna pai”, brought out a pair of binoculars, pointed them towards the stage and exclaimed:“Oh! Krishna-vaa. Besh. Besh”
  • A member of my family told me that she wants me to take her to The Music Academy this time at least on one of the days while the season is on, that too at 1:00PM . I was too happy to oblige and then I heard the next sentence: “I heard that the food they serve in the canteen is out of the world”

Hope to attend atleast a couple of concerts this season, atleast not to miss all the fun 🙂

From An Entirely Other Day at Can’t We Disintermediate the End-Points, Too?

And come on. This was a beautiful transaction right up until it involved human contact. Is there anybody out there working to fix this problem? With something other than a gun?

And then there is The Nerd Handbook  from Rands In Repose.