October 2007

I was looking for SSI’s Bhairavi Swarajathi to start the morning with. Searching through my music store I chanced upon a concert by Neyyatinkara Vasudevan. Haven’t heard much of him. I remember a 1 hour programme in FM Gold a couple of years ago. Thats it. Nothing after that. Guess I have downloaded from sangeethapriya sometime ago but never played it.

Did not know how good it would be but gave it a try. God, am I thankful for that. The whole concert is available spanning 3 mp3 files. And stuck gold at 16.5 minutes into the 1st track. I have heard nEnendu vedaguthura before, SSI and Neyveli being the two I remember but they never stuck a chord with me. So I put that song as a has been and never paid attention after that, whoever be the performer. But then when Neyyatinkara started the song, I was hooked. Think, it is the pace at which he started it. IIRC, SSI starts it at a brisker pace whereas Neyyatinkara starts at a sedate pace. Neyyatinkara’s is like a river flowing unhurried in sharp contrast to cascading flows of a rapid in SSI’s version.

Not able to find the link in sangeethapriya for the said concert. Please post the same in the comments if any one of you know it. The dhanyAsi after this is also good. Links/pointers for other concerts welcome 🙂 Thanks in advance!

Here is the list of songs in the concert.

Neyyantinkara Vasudevan

  1. Varna – Natakuranji
  2. Sree Maha Ganapathim-Atana
  3. Nenendu Vedagudhura – Karnataka Behag
  4. Na Morala -Dhanyasi
  5. Smarasada-Bilahari
  6. Eti Janma-Varali
  7. Jaya Jaya Padmanabha – Manirangu
  8. Va Murugha-Begada
  9. Manasuloni-Hindolam
  10. Meenakshi Memudam-Gamakakriya
  11. Eppo Varuvaro-Jopuri
  12. Govardhana-Darbari Kanada
  13. Bhogeendra Shayeenam-Kuntalavarali
  14. Mangalam

Pete Lacey has written an entry regarding What is SOA? And the blogosphere has responded as well,  Sam Ruby, Stefan Tilkov, to just mention two.  Here are my 2 cents.

I wonder what is Pete Lacey’s end game here.   NOC, BSA?  Come on, do we need any more TLAs?  And, BSA is a TLA for a bicycle manufacturer in India.  Also a quick search of the internet reveals two more.  Boy Scouts of America, Business Software Alliance.  NOC is already a standard industry term in telecom industry, Network Operations Center.  Someone proposed NCC as well.   Sorry, already taken. National Cadet Corps.  Though in a altogether different context.

Also, IMO, SOA is a good TLA.  Applies to business process architecture where processes are composed of multiple business services. Also applies equally well to IT side where IT services that are the underpinnings of those business processes are composed of multiple IT services themselves.

Pete, please, no more TLAs.  Not a TLA more, not a TLA less.

For those of you new to Pete, I recommend his The S stands for Simple.

Rough Type is one of the blogs that I frequent. I lean towards Nick’s skepticism and disbelief at hyperbole and I like his style of writing. However for each Rough Type, there are innumerable blogs that are really rough but not of the same type.

Did wordpress & blogspot really lead to a utopia of zillions of meaningful blogs? No, and I can bet all your farms on that. Take this blog for example. Is it all that great? No, and I bet all your farms again on that 😉

WordPress & blogspot and all other blogging platforms are just tools. Nothing more, nothing less. As is Eclipse IDE, Visual Studio, as is the pencil. It is the human mind that has to create all the content. A tool does not create content all by itself.

Also, I am still not able to comprehend that in the not-so-distant-but-not-so-near-either-future there will be systems created by us humans that will rival us in the creativity department. I may be proven dead wrong. But then, I ain’t claiming to be infallible.

Though I am not that much of a coffee addict and can go without coffee for days at a time, me thinks Arunk is spot on! Discussed umpteen number of times with colleagues and I always come back to the same old point.

The age old tumbler-dabara coffee I used to have and still have at home is miles and miles ahead of anything served in those classy coffee joints, which may sometimes sell plain coffee.  But pumpkin loaf in Starbucks and coffee cake in Seattle’s Best are yummy 🙂

Ofcourse, I am writing this right after a tumbler-dabara coffee, courtesy my mom-in-law 🙂 Mmmmmmm..

Been travelling over the last week.  Transited through SEA, LAX, NRT, SIN & MAA.

LAX international departure terminal sucks.  Not enough space to handle the crowd, food in the food court is no better than that being served on the airlines. And P/Q is almost infinity (P – price, Q – quality).

Compared to LAX International terminal, SIN is leagues and leagues ahead.  But food is just so so.  Not that great tastewise and burns quite a nice hole in your wallet 😦  But the beauty is you have free internet access and you can carry your hand luggage in a trolley till the gate 🙂  Those alone are worth enough to forgive any other blemish 😀

MAA is improving.  Not the same old MAA anymore I departed from.  Guess two new gates have been added and the international terminal is being renovated to handle the increased traffic.

Oh before I forget to mention.  Those travelling SIA and those that belong to that subset Homo sapiens idli-chutney-sambar-tambrahm, better be prepared for olfactory adventures.  To be frank, the food stinks 😦