I was waiting for the bus to come home this evening. Just sat there in a bench near the bus stop. There were about 4 or 5 coffee cups and empty water bottles strewn around. Quite a few cigarette butts as well. And a torn newspaper. Not a typical situation in the area I live at present. This is a green paradise with broad tree line roads. Not much of trash lying around. I have seen worse, but not in this area. People are usually on their best behavior.

The weather was very good with a slight chill in the air. A very good time to stroll around or be just outside. Lots of cars in the roads. Folks going home after a tiring day at work or whatever.

Along came this girl with a drink in her hand. Early teens may be. She also settled down in the bench next to where I was seated. She just pushed an empty paper cup and water bottle down before settling down. Had her head phones and seemed to be she was just enjoying the music.

She finished her drink. The bus has not yet come. Then thankfully instead of just putting her drink cup along with all the rest strewn around she went in search of a trash can.

After some time she came back. She had a plastic bag in her hand, the kind you use at grocery stores to bag the groceries. She started to pick all the empty paper cups and empty water bottles strewn around and put them in the plastic bag and put it in the trash can.

Then she sat down. After a minute or so, she got up, picked up the torn newspaper and scooped up all the cigarette butts with that newspaper and put that in the trash can as well.

Kelsey, here is to you! You did just great!