Mmhm..  How many folks did that cassette initiate into listening/getting interested in carnatic music?  That was one of the earliest cassettes that hooked me into carnatic music as well.

My interest in carnatic music started with 2 semi classical cassettes by Bombay Sisters – of Papanasam Sivan & Oothukadu songs by Keerthana, IIRC.  Then came Yesudas & Santhanam.  Then I came across 2 more cassettes – DKP (yArO ivar yArO, eppadi pAdinarO, srI satyanArayanam, thookia thiruvadi, vaLLikaNavan pErai, etc) & NCV (En paLLi kondIr, mahAlakshmi, sArasadaLa, thandhai thAi irundhAl, etc).  Then came SSI’s with brOcEvArevarE,  sri satyanArAyanam & amba kamAkshi.  Then came GNB, ARI, MDR, KVN, TKR, SKR, RNK, and so on.

Of those mentioned above, I still listen to all except Bombay Sisters, Yesduas & Santhanam.