Well, I certainly have nothing to do with the last 3 in the list in the title 😉 Mebbe a little to do with capitalism, at least as a cog in the IT services juggernaut.

The Grand Dad of all the Fed chairmen has come up with his memoirs and seems like it is all set to light a fire under the GOP. Apparently Greenspan is one of the famous devotees of Ayn Rand. I had a colleague in the early days of my career out of college who used to rave about Ayn Rand. “Oh, Atlas Shrugged. Thats awesome. The Fountainhead. Its simply superb”. And if I remember right, I have seen her carry a copy of Atlas Shrugged with her most of the times.

I never got around to read Ayn Rand. So now you are now wondering, what the heck is the deal with this post. Where am I going. There is no point and I ain’t going anywhere. I just felt like letting the world know that I haven’t read Ayn Rand, have no intention to read her either, right this moment. Whatever I do, Ayn Rand certainly is not an influence.

Update: Not sure if Ayn Rand’s writings are supposed to be under philosophy.  One more reason I may never read her.