I guess there are quite a lot of blogs that do not get updated regularly. For one there is Asal Thamizh Penn that was last updated about 2 months ago. There was an enplaned which dealt exclusively with airlines industry which stopped being updated about 2 years ago. A fan has put up cached material. Adam Bosworth last updated his blog about 22 months ago.

If it is by some known person, we can come to know what happened and why the blog does not get refreshed. What happens to the anonymous blogs? What happened to those behind the anonymous blogs?  Did something happen or did they just lost interest and moved on to the next thing? What happens to the material they contain? Who owns them? Do blogging service providers scour their databases to find blogs that have been inactive for a certain time and follow up on freeing up those domains for others? And do not tell me to read-the-f***king-TOS.

I came across this blog F**k in blogspot last updated in 2002 and S*x last updated in 2001. However, for the respective equivalents in wordpress, the first was last updated just a month ago and the second is not taken yet. I am sure that domain name would be worth a lot to blogspot/wordpress if it were to be ever auctioned off.