It has been quite a long time since I listened to SSI’s bhairavi swarajathi. SSI’s swarajathi was one of the first pure carnatic items I listened to when I started listening to carnatic music. There was this 60 min cassette that had 2 more songs in it. brOchevArevare & srI satyanArayanam were the other two I guess. So I was just browsing the net this morning and had SSI’s swarajathi in the background. I was only half listening to it. But then when he came to the swaras for shyAma krishna sahOdari, somehow I was automatically pulled back to pay attention to what was happening there. And when he came to the abhimAnamu lEdA nApai, it was sheer magic. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Guess the lEdA nApai correspond to the dA nI in the corresponding swara portion. My god, what a karvai at dA nI.

Stop anything and everything you are doing. Right now. And go ahead and experience the magic. Thats all folks.

Update: While at it, here is another magical moment from SSI in the same concert. Neraval at nI pAda pankajamu of birAna brOva ide. Wow!