I am a sucker for some of the shows that air on American airwaves. For some reason I like watching them. Law & Order, CSI Miami being two among them. I do not know what interests me in them but I like watching them. I get to watch them without all those irritating ads as well, courtesy DVD releases and the wonderful library systems in these US of A. Recently I came across one more – Boston Legal.

I am not sure if the proceedings at court really happen the way shown in Boston Legal. Guess they have been dramatized fairly and glamorized as well. Anyway, the important thing about Boston Legal is this. Some of the episodes weave the interesting questions on things considered taboo or topics or potentially society-changing events and happenings into their story line and make you wonder.

Now, I am not normally a lover of television sitcoms and soaps. However, this show got me to thinking. Given the reach that radio and television have, are they not good mediums to put these questions to the masses and have them start thinking. How powerful are these kinds of TV shows and do they really get the masses to think?

Are there any equivalents for Boston Legal or Law & Order in Indian Television? Or do the networks air the American produced shows after dubbing into local languages?

By the way, if you are wondering what has Tax Evasion has got to do with this post, you will have to watch Boston Legal. Episode Stick It! Boston Legal is addictive. Been warned.